5 Great ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos

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If you aren’t using YouTube to promote yourself yet, why not? This video sharing site is popular around the world, and has millions of viewers who use the site daily. You can do great things on YouTube if only you put your best foot forward. One thing that you must do when using YouTube is promote the videos that you are uploading. There’s many ways to do that, but some are more effective than others. Here are five of the top ways to promote your video that work the best for great results when the day is done.

Collaborate with other YouTubers

Just like you want to build a name for yourself, so do so many others. You can help one another out by collaborating together to promote your videos. It is easy, and it won’t cost you do person any money.

Post and Comment

You can post and leave comment on YouTube and elsewhere. Be sure that you have a link to your videos available, or at least to your channel if you don’t want to promote a specific video. This is a great way that people use to promote their videos, and another one that won’t cost you a thing.

Buy Views

The popular way to gain Authority and a name on YouTube is with the purchase of views.  You buy YouTube views  in small and large quantity and get ahead with them. The cost of the views is reasonable, and you will want to make the purchase often. When you buy YouTube views, you were going to get ahead of the game. It is a trendy way to do things.

Promote on Social Media

Social media is booming. If you want to make a name for yourself, you want to be a part of the social media boom. Share your YouTube videos and channel on all of your social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and others. The more that you put your stuff out there, the better.


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Don’t forget the SEO! It is the largest and most important form of marketing out there today and if you are not using it, you are missing out considerably. SEO focuses on specific keywords that attract those who are searching online. Incorporate SEO into your videos by using specific keywords in the video title, description, and elsewhere. You’ll be glad you did.

People use YouTube to promote themselves every single day because they know it is a wonderful site to do that and that they’re going to get the results that they want. All you need is the skill, the passion, and the determination to make it on YouTube. With the tips above, you will find it easy to promote your YouTube video and channels with ease, and without spending a lot of money in the process. Don’t be shy. Go ahead and put all of these techniques to work, and wait for the great things to happen in your life. So many people before you have accomplished great things and so can you when you work hard for it.